And so it was. 22 PAX, who are evidently in favor of braving tornadic activity, gathered in the humid, gloomy shadow of JC Penny to get worked. Radar seemed to give us the green light for staying out of the parking decks for the last Urban Jungle of April, so we proceeded with the following beateth downeth.

Good Morning x 20
Imperial Walker x 20
Jack Webb x 10

YHC asked for a count off, which showed off the stellar math skills of the PAX. 1,2,3…you may be thinking. No, no, no. 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2. What the hell. 1,2,1,2, etc. Whatever, we needed two groups anyway.

Mosey to the Beltline overpass, split up, and take it down Lassiter Hill (1/2 mile of easy cruisin’) to Lassiter Falls Park.

40 burpees. Plank.
Group 1, bear crawl to parking area(about 50 yards). Sprint back.
Group 2, precision squat.
American Hammer x 30
Plankarama-regular, Putin, left leg, regular, Sarkozy, right leg, regular, Chilcutt, regular

Take it up Lassiter Hill (1/2 mile of good livin’) and meet at the overpass guardrail.
Irkin x 20
Dip x 20
Irkin x 15
Dip x 15
Derkin x 15

American Hammer x 30
WWII sit-up x 20
LBC x 30

Prayers for Dufresne, Who, the GRC crew, and all those left unsaid.

Komen Race, Healing Place, Metamorphosis, 2nd F at Crafty Beer 5/8. Lilly’s to provide slices, Costco to pay everyone’s tab. Wait, that ain’t right. MacGruber to pay everyone’s tab. Wait, that ain’t it either. $1 off beers. That’s it.

BOM-Countrywide took us out in style with a mighty fine nod to the Sky Q.