A premium, a signature day at #Hopebuilder was on deck.  Why?  How did YHC know?  Because Costco was my wingman for #Hopebuilder.  We planted to VSF, headed inside to wash up, and make our way upstairs to see Dufresne.  Murse Chris was attending to Dufresne, as faithfully as he always has.  When YHC asked how the day had been, Murse Chris bit his lip and looked down.  ‘Nuf said.  Murse Chris announced to Dufrense that company had arrived.

We came alongside Dufresne’s bed to share stories about F3 names, children, things we were struggling with.  Dufresne’s eyes were closed the majority of our stay with a few flutters where it appeared he heard us.  We let Dufresne know his name was mentioned without fail at @F3Raleigh workouts during COT.  YHC recalled how Dufresne loved playing golf before getting sick with Lyme Disease and told Dufresne there’s a seven iron waiting for him on the other side.  He’ll be leaving the pain, the frustration, and all that the disease swallowed behind.  He would be welcomed and embraced.  There would be peace and comfort.  In the meantime, we would be back every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

YHC offered a prayer for peace, for protection and comfort for Dufresne’s family, that we all strive to be better sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, and friends.

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