4 grown up children came out this morning to enjoy some fun time on the Womble Park playground.

Started with a light jog and straight into 10 minutes of agility work. Ladder, side shuffles, hurdles, and more cone work. This got the old ticker kicking. Short stretch and sidestraddle hops and it was off to the playground. Pyramid set of Merkins, and Liptons Choice, LBC’s. Start with 1, worked up to 10 and back down. Followed that up by jogging around the playground and alligator crawls, Bear crawls, & forward hops. A couple of buddy carries uphill and ended with a lap around the soccer fields doing a progressive sprint.

Mary, we finished out the morning with a little yoga for stretching.


No FNG’s ūüôĀ but the word will spread and more will come!!

Announcements: I am planning a backpacking trip for the summer, a friday to sunday trip to the smokies. 20+ miles, 2.0’s are welcome. I have some interest on Twitter so i will formulate an actual plan and packing list and date range and we can go from there.

Prayer Request: Prayers for the GoRuck boys this weekend, may they have strength of mind and body and have fun!

And prayers for my Ranger Buddy Wrangler who is lost as sea in Belize. He was kayaking on vacation with another friend and they were caught in a quick storm and capsized, one was rescued, but Wrangler has yet to be found.

Until Next time…….. RLTW!