Welcome to 70 degrees. Welcome to the month of May. Welcome to May Day Mayhem. YHC took a moment to drop some knowledge on the PAX in the form of a brief history of May 1st. “May Day” is an ancient spring festival & holiday recognized throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It coincides with a labor-related holiday known as International Workers Day–also an occasion not traditionally celebrated in these parts. Finally, “mayday” is known worldwide as a distress signal– now THIS reference hit home with the PAX. What better way to honor the day than to slog across the wet, high grass & into the Heavy Metal pit? Let’s. Do. This.

Good Mornings x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Side Shuffle Hop x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 12 (reverse)

The Thang:
PAX of 8 rotates thru each of 8 (nice coincidence) gear > sprint > exercise stations for 2 1/2 minute max rep installments as follows:

Station 1: Gun Show/Curls AMRAP > sprint across park > LBC’s (repeato)

Station 2: 45 lb. Tricep Extensions AMRAP > sprint across park > Windmills (repeato)

Station 3: Scotty Bobs AMRAP > sprint across park > Squats (repeato)

Station 4: Sled push > sprint across park > Star Jumps (repeato)

Station 5: Sears Bar clean & press AMRAP > sprint across park > WWII sit-ups (repeato)

Station 6: 45 lb. Bent Row AMRAP > sprint across park > Burpees (repeato)

Station 7: Kettle Bell Swings AMRAP > sprint across park > King David Kicks (repeato)

Station 8: Medicine Ball tosses over the backstop AMRAP


High plank hold > Putin > Sarzoky > Low plank hold > Chilcutt > High plank hold

Merkins x 10


COT/Naked moleskin:
2nd F Event: Thursday, May 8th – 5:30pm til @CraftyBeerShop

Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family members diagnosed with cancer. Continued prayers for brother Dufresne.

Mister Rogers called for a moment of silent prayer amongst the PAX in honor of the National Day of Prayer & then led us out in group prayer.

Extra credit: post-COT jog around Roanoke Park

Thanks for the honor to Q today, brothers!