8 Pax, 4 FNGs descended on the bucolic downtown cary for an infoPAINment session. This is not a regularly scheduled workout, but was done so that some of the cary-ites could see what this F3 was all about.

The VSF was planted, and off we went.

Jog from the lot tot he post office for a warmup up SSH x 25, GM s 15, squats x 15 LBC x 15.

Mosey on to the vacant parking lot for an 8 round of Jack Webb. Stop when YHC realizes that crushed glass would have felt better than the surface we were on.

Mosey to the mini hill (there aren’t many elevation changes in Cary) for a split of hill runs with 2 burpees on top x 3, while the other group does a little plankarama.

Lunge walk to the amphitheater. Spider man crawl x 10, squat x 10, repeat all x 3, bear crawl to the other end.

Run across the street to the Arts Center for our own version of performance art.

Robert Plant

Dips x 10, Inclines x 10, french dips x 10, ‘merican dips x 10. declines x 10, quick feet x 10, danks x 3 counts from all pax, more quick feet.


LBC x 25, Rosalita x 10, dolly x 10, Homer to Marge x 15, reverse LBC x 15, hammer x 10.

Make our way home, stop at the library for squats x 15. and lunge walks before returning to the home lot for plankarama. Again..crushed glass might feel better. Plank x 10, putin x 10, sarkozy x 10, low plank hold x 10 around, chilcut x 10, csarkozy x 10, cputin x 10.


Prayers for Saban’s daughter who is recovering from a broken arm, Banjo’s uncle who is not doing well with Cancer, and Denali’s 36 hour old daughter who is adjusting to being on this side. Also, congrats to Denali on her birth.

Good work by all PAX, especially the 4 FNGs. This is not a regular post but might become one if demand is there. It was, however, great to do an infoPAINment session.