24 PAX showed up on a soggy but finally not freezing morning. Mid 40’s feels like a heat wave and the numbers showed everyone’s desire to post in warmer temps.


20X SSH, 10X Willie Mays Hayes, 15x Air Squats, 20X Mtn climbers, 10X merkins

The Thang:

Run to Belk Track

Run 3/4 mile and then do 40 merkins

Run 1/2 mile and do 30 merkins

Run 1/4 mile and do 20 merkins

Run up to I/M field for Usain Bolts:

1 Pax runs across the field and back while everyone else performs an exercise. Go down the line one by one so everyone gets to run across the field and back. All the PAX were entertained by burpees, merkins, air squats, burpees, WWII’s, double merkin burpees, LBC’s, burpees and more burpees.

Run back to OEC for Mary:

Freddie Mercurys, Spiderman crunches, Russian Hammer