13 PAX brought the steel on a cool morning in the gloom today. No need for all the layers on this March morning, a nice change from the weeks prior. With an abundance of mumble chatter it was time for everyone’s favorite Wednesday kettle bell workout. The PAX admired Orwell’s collared shirt he busted out for this morning. One word for that “classy”.No disclaimer needed from YHC, but a quick “Shutup” was given since no one was listening.

Mosey down to the basketball court for warm-ups. SSH x25, Good Mornins x20, Figure eight x10 each direction, Egg beaters (or the Sir Fazios of The Blitz) x10 each arm.

Two line indian run around the track. Pass one bell down each line, man at the back sprints to the front when the kettle bell gets in his hands. 2 laps. Cool down with Curls in cadence x15.

Find a partner of similar pace. Run a lap and then complete the reps given by the Q OYO.

Lap –> 25 KB swings, 25 Shoulder Press. Lap –> Repeat exercises.

Round 2. Lap –> 25 bent rows, 25 Squat to high pull. Lap –> Repeat. Well done here. Lots of mouth breathing.

Mosey up the steps to side wall of the school. The unaffiliated women’s group took our normal spot.

People’s chair holding your bell: in cadence x15, Merkins x10. Repeato. Embrace the shoulder burn.

Back to the cars for Mary: LBCs w/ bell x20, Bell Hammers x10. Done.


-3 year Anniversary Convergence Sat. at Pullen. 6:00am Howard leads a replica of the first Raleigh workout. 6:45 is the main event. Coffee after.

-Mud Run registration still open, just $10 more than before.

-Prayers for Orwell’s travels, ManRam’s coworker dealing with serious illness, Flatline’s church group member dealing with mental illness.

Cinderella took us out with a strong prayer.