A fresh 27 degrees at 5:44am meant the PAX were eager to get going to warm up.  No FNGs, so after a short (decimal?) minute, off we went.

Warm Up

Jog to service road, half way up hill for 15 GMs; 20 IW; 20 HB; 20 Plank jacks

The Thang

Jog to baseball exit / entrance at the top of park.  Run / backwards run all the way to other exit / entrance, stopping at every other light, with alternating 20 (YES, 20) burpees / 20 plank jacks at every interval, and a change of run direction.  Ma Bell quickly computed that meant Burpees every 4th Lamppost, or simply put a lot of Burpees.  Yes, we do have to run to the final lamppost at the far entrance to the park and finish on Burpees.  Anymore questions about Burpees?

Run back to soccer pitch & run 18 yard line, half way, 18 yard & goal line with 20 hammer / 20 squat at each interval

Finally jog around to the basketball court, count off into 1s and 2s – for Quarter court suicides with people’s chair then flapjack

COT – circle up for 20 LBCs; 20 hammer; have a nice day

Announcements – Ma Bell hates Burpee’s.

Praise requests

  • shut ins brothers brother in law and his knee surgery, which went well.
  • Ma bell / nature boy reminder how thankful we should be to be able to come out in the chanking cold and run around like idiots for fun.
  • Shut in lead us out.


  • Late switcheroo between Franklin and YHC for today’s Q
  • YHC was complemented on his IW and HB.  Apparently looked like “dad wedding dancing”  – YHC very surprised that his wedding video is in circulation.
  • Nature boy hates burpees.
  • Nature boy swore that Franklin wouldn’t ever do a workout like this.
  • Ma Bell extremely excited about an upcoming game with the oval ball.
  • YHC prefers round ball games.
  • PBX pretended to “accidentally” miscount lampposts
  • Ma Bell really hates burpees
  • Wow.  Firebird flew like the wind on BB court, destroying every one (Yhc included) during suicides.  Nice work.
  • Have a nice day extremely popular with PAX.

That’s all folks – happy thanksgiving & pleasure / privilege to lead today.