Don’t you hate it when Twitter banter causes you to change your whole workout around? Happened Monday night to YHC. Some good ol’ friendly State/Carolina jive talk turned into Epoxy issuing burpee penalties to those who doth taketh the Heels’ name in vain. It got me thinking, why not add some burpees, take away a little here, add a little there. Countrywide was up to 200 burpee penalties by the time we exited our sleds and shuffled into the gloom. We gave him a raincheck this time. This is what happened for realz…

Jog into park past the 5.0 who was scoping out any who may vandalize the Santa Train decorations

Warmup COP
SSH x 10
Merkin x 10
Imperial Walker x 10
Wide Grip Merkin x 10
Good Morning x 10
Diamond Merkin x 10
Private Joker x 15 (burpee called in brisk cadence)

Jog to back side of pond near the bottom of the second bridge for a seat of Level 1 drills. Pair up.
All PAX repeat sets of the following:
Merkin x 4
Mountain Climber x 8
Jump up (like doing a burpee)
Each pair of PAX takes a turn bear crawling out 30 yards and back. May not sound hard but try repeating these sets about 18-20 times. #smoker

One all PAX have taken a turn bear crawling mosey back over to the area between Andy Griffith and the carousel for the Burpee Buster. Man Ram did this one a while back at True Grit and it’ll get your heart rate up fast and keep it up. Basically we did 5 reps of 5 different kinds of burpees with no rest, ran a lap around the carousel and planked for the PAX. Then repeated it.
Standard burpee x 5
Ski ab burpee x 5
Jump lunge burpee x 5
Jump knee up burpee x 5
Prison cell merkin burpee x 5

Extended plankarama

For the final set we divided into two groups
Group 1 ran up the steps, up the path to the gazebo, and back down to the carousel.
Group 2 did AMRAP of called exercises. Flapjack.
Sumo Squats
Flutter Kick

Plankarama(Mahktar N’Dyaies)

Lateral Plank Walk
Hammers x 20
Rosalita x 20

Thanks men. Guys did great today. We pushed each other hard, calling for more reps and harder running during the last circuit. Great to see the PAX push one another #ISI. Thanks to Epoxy and Senor Rogers for having me this morning. A few things coming up
F3 Connect Wednesday with Tony Robbins at the helm.
Bowling on Thursday. Sign Up
Christmas party at Tyler’s on the 22nd. Donations to Slash.
Toy drive. Please bring an unused/unwrapped toy to the gloom and give it to the site Qs per Ron Burgundy.

As he usually does, Countrywide took us out this morning with fine words to keep with us throughout the day. Thanks to all of you this morning. If you haven’t Q’d a workout, take the plunge and sign up. You’ll only regret not doing it. Aye!