8 pax set off on a breezy Tuesday morning to descend upon the Martin Middle School track for some Hi-Fidelity fun. On the agenda for today were 1000m and 200m repeats at different speeds. How we get there is the key to the question.

The thang
2 warm-up laps with high knees and a few stride accelerations.

Warm-up circle – Prisoner Squats x15, One-legged Deadlifts x10 each leg, Good Mornings x 15 (with YHC’s syncopated cadence)

Onto the workout – unfortunately the wind gusts in the micro-climate of The Martin track are  head winds on the home stretch…every single time.  Today was no exception.   At the line…

  • 4 x 1,000m repeats at T-pace (Threshold Pace is typically 1 min/mi slower than Mile Pace).  200m recovery jog after each with about 45 secs of rest after recovery
  • 3 x 200m repeats at R-pace (Repeat Pace is mile race pace, or a little faster for Myrtle).

COT with Name-o-rama and a few announcements

  • Ron Burgundy is collecting Toys-for-Tots for the next 10 days. Bring them to a workout and give to the Q.  Burgundy will coordinate
  • Mumble chatter, mumble chatter – where is Au Pair?
  • Prayers lifted up by 90210, including for Sunshine and his aging back..