With the virgin Q long in the past, YHC showed up at Lourdes of Discipline loaded with confidence and even a watch (thanks for the loaner Encroachment).  No FNGs in sight, but a disclaimer given none the less and 24 pax headed off into the gloom.

– Jog down the greenway toward Kiwanis Park
– Stopped in the street along side the soccer field for a Wheel of Merkin (credit to the Exercise page on F3) x10 at each position on the curb – Start with incline, rotate 90 degrees to right with left hand on curb, right hand off, rotate 90 degrees to decline, and then to final side position with right hand on curb and left hand off
– Recover on the jog to the basketball court for SSH x15, Good mornings x15, Mtn Climbers x15

The Thang:
Mosey over to picnic shelter with a partner for the following:
– Partner 1 – Pull Ups x10 OYO, Partner 2 – Low Plank hold
Flapjack, then repeat
– Partner 1 – Box Jump Burpees, Partner 2 – Freddie Mercury
Flapjack, then repeat

Recover on the short jog over over to the basketball court where the dogs barking on the soccer field  provided appropriate background noise for the introduction of The Beast.

The Beast – 6 exercises performed in reps of 6 at 6 different stops.  For this version of the Beast, the pax used the top of the 3-point line extended on both sides of the court and the baselines as the stopping points for exercises with running (more like jogging by the end) in between each exercise. Exercises were as follows:
– Standard Merkins
– Air Squats
– High Knee Jumps
– WWI Sit-ups
– Burpees
– Carolina Dry Docks (Bear Crawl used to move to each stopping point instead of running)
Reps were done OYO, but each round was started together as the pax used planks and squat holds to wait for everyone to finish each round.

Pax then head over to the field behind the picnic shelter for a Tunnel of Love.  All pax plank hip to hip in a straight line, and then one by one each person crawls through the tunnel and takes the plank position on the end while waiting for everyone to finish.

Recover on the run back down the greenway toward the rocks, and as is the site’s new found tradition finish with a sprint to the end.

– LBC pryamid to 30

– F3 Connect Raleigh tomorrow – 12/3 @ Mia Francesca – Tony Robbins is your speaker.  Sign up HERE, only a few spots remaining as of this post
– F3Bowlarama @ The Alley on Thursday – 12/4 – SIGN UP HERE – Bowling is FREE!  Beer is not
– XMAS Party on Monday 12/22 at Tyler’s Tap Room – 7p-10p – Tweet/DM @CostcoF3 for an invite if you did not receive one.  

Thanks to Vector Victor for taking us out in style.  Honored to Q this morning.


Deputy Queen