16 PAX escaped the fartsack and joined their brothers in a balmy, misty December gloom.

YHC was posting with the True Grit group for the first time and somehow, volunteered to dish out the weekly #downpaintment. Disclaimer was given and off we went.


Quick jog up the hill, over the dam, down the cut back and into the far field for–
-Good Mornings
-Grassmats (13 burpees, SSH for 60 seconds)
-Standard Merkins x15
-Grassmats (18 burpees, SSH for 75 seconds)
Count off, partner up.

The Thang:

Mosey back up the hill towards the dam. YHC identified two landmarks; bench #1 (approx 120 yards) and bench #2 (an additional 120 yards)

With your partner-
Burpee “Mile”– Burpee, broad jump, burpee, broad jump  – repeat until all reach 1st bench. Plank-o-rama  (totaled 40 burpees, 40 broad jumps)
Partner Carry second half. Squat hold until all arrive

Brisk run from halfway up Millbrook Rd to Art Center lot, then drop and bear crawl mode for the last 75 yards

Line Painters
#1: P1 does Burpee at each line, P2 does AMRAP LBC’s
#2: P1 does Burpee at each line, P2 does AMRAP Flutter Kicks
#3: P1 does “Camouflage Burpees” (AKA diamond merkins), P2 does AMRAP Hammers
#4: P1 does “Camouflage Burpees,” P2 does AMRAP LBC’s

Just before the lines started to blur, the PAX returned to the launch parking lot with a brisk pace down Millbrook Rd.

Box Cutters x20
Double Time Hammers x20

Done. Strong work by all 16 PAX!

Maize read off the long list of Announcements:
– FREE Bowling on December 4th, The Alley from 7-9. Sign-up. Rumor is Bob Villa is buying Schlitz for the PAX
– Toys for Tots: Site Q’s are collecting toy donations from now until next Thursday? **Sound off on details

Recently, YHC been seeking opportunities to test his physical, mental and spiritual limits. As we circled up to start this morning, YHC was humbled by the faces he saw. My first thought was, “keep it simple, keep it moving.” I challenge each and every brother to push himself and seek constant development. #ironsharpensiron


Single-wide, out.