Two dozen seems to be a number that the Monday morning Fetzer beatdown has assumed as its median level—a couple more, a couple less, but most weeks that many PAX hit the alarm clock, don their F3 gear and make it to the Eddie Smith Fieldhouse on the UNC Campus at 0545. And so it was again this week.

After two weeks of dumb bells and bar bells and kettle bells arrayed across Navy Field, this week YHC decided on a burpee-laden tour of Polk Place in the heart of campus. After a warmup of SSH, IW, arm circles, prisons squats and merkins, we set off a 10 station tour that included stops on the Hooker IM field, The Pit, Wilson Library, Carroll Hall, South Building, Manning Hall and back to Wilson, The Pit, the IM field and the east end of the track at Fetzer.

At the first stop we did 10 prisoner squats and 10 merkins and then one double-merkin burpee. At the second we did nine squats/merkins and two burpees, at the third eight and three and so on. We knocked out three sets of 15 count dips on the stone wall in front of Manning Hall for good measure.

That left a solid 10 minutes for core work and Mary. Two sets of 10x mountain climbers, Peter Parkers, low-plank jacks and 30-second low-plank holds. Then on to round-robin Mary, including LBCs, Russian hammers, WWIIs, Homer to Marge, Hello Dollys, Heels to Heaven and assorted others too sordid to repeat in mixed company.

The festivities concluded with Marky Mark presenting Lo Pair with a custom F3 hoodie and leading a rousing round of applause for Lo Pair for his strength, courage and example set through a challenging period in his life.