All the turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie that wwas to be consumed on Thanksgiving did not come for free – in fact it was paid for with sweat, sore muscles, and exhaustion. A PAX of 7 came out in a steady rain, but not-too-chilly morning, to make their first down payment. The forecast called for a 100% chance of rain and a 100% chance of pain.

The Workout:
Warm up / wet down with a nice jog around the park. Q made sure to have the PAX run though the river that was Globe Road in order to make sure that everyones feet were equally wet and enjoyed playing in the rain.

– SSH x 15
– Windmill x 10
– Imperial Walkers x 10
– Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 (in each direction)

Q gave the PAX a taste of shelter from the rain, only to then perform sprints across the bus loading zone, star jumps, then return to plank it out.

Next up: Stations at the front of the school. Each exercise performed as many reps as possible for 1 min, then switch to the next exercise with no rest:
– Step Ups
– Derkins
– Mountain Climbers
– Dips

PAX bear-crawled to the stairs. Shelter from the rain was provided to enjoy 2 rounds each of Peoples Chair and Balls-to-the-Wall. (Time: Each Man counting to 5 then to 10)

PAX split into 2 teams with each team getting a stair well. 11s were performed consisting of Squats, then Merkins at the top of the stairs.

Jog back to the picnic shelter (a few streams crossed along the way).

Cool down:
– Irkins x 15
– LBC x 10
– Reverse LBC x 15
– Flutters x 10

Two FNGs came out in rain, thus showing promise. New FNGs named: Cunningham and Q-Tip.

Announcements and prayers made, PAX disbursed.