9 PAX came out in a fine chilly mist for the Post-Thanksgiving get back on the wagon workout.  We said our hellos, got the legal stuff out of the way, and then we were off into the gloom.

The Thang


  • Jog to the soccer field
  • SSH x25
  • Good Mornings x15
  • Standard American x10
  • Windmill x15
  • SSH x25

Big Loop

We kicked off the workout with an indian run around the big loop (the track that goes around the bottom two fields).  The catch was that the person at the back of the line had to drop and do 5 merkins before running to the front of the line.


  • Balls to the wall x90
  • People’s Chair x90


The goal
100 Burpees, 200 Dry Docks, 300 LBCs

The Rules
There are three stations.  Run to a station and work on one of your three counts.  Once you stop for a break run to the next station.  Only one exercise per station.  Repeat until you have met your goal.

Side note
The mumble chatter at this point was pretty much non-existent.

Mary (dealer’s choice)

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Russian Hammers
  • Rosalitas
  • Pulse Ups
  • WWIIs
  • Russian Hammers


  • Prayer request for Bob Ross and his family for the passing of his father
  • Prayer request for Spurrier and his co-worker
  • F3 Christmas Party Dec 22nd at Tylers at 18 Seaboard, need to RSVP
  • Krispy Cream Run Feb 14th
  • Kickstarter Mondays starting  in January for FNGs and guys that have been away from F3 for a while.  The skinny, 6 Mondays of moderate paced workouts to help get FNGs that are on the fence out.  Similar to Disabled list but with the intention to build up.  Still working on location but considering Leesville park at 545 or Brier Creek.  Candlestick is your Q.
  • Candlestick mentioned mentoring opportunitieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fAmsvaQy-w
  • Vanderbeek mentioned Turkeys for the Triangle $10 raffle tickets.  Tickets will be available Sat at Weekend Crickhttp://turkeysforthetriangle.com/