Without fail, a #SadClown regularly asks me a silly question regarding my dedication to F3–
“How do you get up that early?” “WHY would you EVER put yourself through that?” “Wow, why don’t you love sleep?”

I simply smile. The Blitz is a special beast because the goal is to lift, swing and replace metal instruments of pain. These #SadClowns don’t know the joys that a cold, damp kettlebell can bring to a willing participant.

11 eager participants escaped the warm comforts of their fartsack and did WORK at The Blitz this morning. Disclaimer was given and we got right to it.


Brisk jog around the back of the cafeteria.

20 reps of…
-Good Mornings (two handed bell hold behind head, between shoulder blades)
-Around the body
-Standard Deadlift
-Figure 8
-Two handed swing

The Thang:

At times, life can be very complicated. This morning, we slowed it down and kept it simple.

Ladders (20-15-10-5-10-15-20) with a quick lap after each completed ladder. (100 total)

#1- Squat to High Pull
#2- One Arm Swing
#3- Alternating Lunge Swings (in place)

On to the school wall for people’s chair- pass the 40# KB down and back (x5)
Starfish hammers to finish, 20x each side.

Boom. Done. Strong work by all.

**Cut Me Mick is speaking at NC State (Poe Hall) tonight about Positive Psychology. We tried to get him to include a play by play recap of the NCSU beatdown on Saturday but alas, he decided to remain neutral. 7 pm presentation.

**BOWLING TOMORROW! 7p to 9p. Team Schlitz needs two more players.

Denali lead us out with a powerful offering.