Lot’s EC miles coming in this AM as YHC sat warm in the car hoping to post a decent workout. Sickness comes and goes but F3 is a way of life for a lot of #HIM. Q pledged to donate $1 for the number of PAX that posted at Paradise City for the ALS fund. So $17 will be going into the bucket today. Q gave a 10 seconds left call, informed the PAX to pick him up if he passed out from being sick. 0545 and it was go time.

Warm Ups
single line jog down to large parking area for some quick feet down the white line (30 yds) going to the right, then backdown to left. Back peddles to next line each time then Carioca left down the line then right back down. Circle up.

Good Mornings x10
Carolina Dry Docks x20
Air Squared x20
Stretches (we need to incorporate more of this in our workouts)

Four Corners
PAX sprints down to corner of large parking lot (100 yds)
1) Jump Squats x20, then sprint to next corner (40 yds)
2) Mtn Climbers x20, then sprint to next corner (100 yds)
3) Monkey Humpers x20, then sprint to next (40 yds)
4) Back Broke Merkins x20, switch (partner planks with legs on back of partner, guy with feet on his back does the push ups)

This was introduced back in December from a F3 visitor from the Louisville site, Capt. Insane-O
Each HIM lines up at a parking space at the end of the white line. Do a burpee with a plank jack before the merkin, then bear crawl the outline of the parking space to the right. We built 10 bears each.

Suicide of Merkins
PAX lines up at curb. Run to first parking spot line and back, 1 merkin. Run to 2nd line and back, 2 merkins, etc. There were 17 lines for a total of 17 sprints and 153 merkins…ouch!

Still some time on the Garmin watch so we took it to the curb again.
PAX lined up with feet on the curb for indian run shoulder taps. Shoulder taps the whole time while last man runs to the front. We went about 50 yds or so.

V-hold LSF’s x20 IC (low slow flutters while holding a v-up on your six) Needs a name
J-Lo’s x10 IC
Side ups x10 IC, switch sides
In-&-Outs x20 IC (six inch hold mixed with heels to heaven)

Count off and Name-o-rama
Announcements – Slack is live. Sign up as we fade away from FB chatter.
Prayers – Deadbolt’s MIL in ICU, Shredder’s dad has cancerous tumor and needs treatment, 7 yr old girl died from Flu last week. Prayers for Crab Legs and unspoken ones.

Hope the PAX got something out of this workout. I just wanted to complete it.
*Breech said he committed to Breath Taker, said he’ll complete the 5 pack this week and turn in on Saturday*

BS Out!