Nothing like recovering from a holiday weekend with some broke backs.  Small turnout at the Cracker, but that kept the pace rolling.

Warm-Up: Lap around to the back of the school for SSH x20, Cotton Picker x20, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 backward, Imperial Walkers x20

The Pax partnered up for 5 rounds of broke back merkins x10 each partner while running around the track.  Recovery jog to the front of the school for choke-hold broke back dips for 5 rounds x10 each partner while running around the parking lot.  For the last round, partner 1 held balls-to-the-wall while partner 2 did 5 pull-ups for 5 rounds each.

To wrap up, the Pax jogged over to grab the cinder blocks for burnout curls.  With the same partner, everyone did a 20 count in cadence while doing cinder block curls.  After each set, the partner passed the cinder block, but kept doing curl motion reps for 9 total sets alternating with and without the block.

Mary:  Pickle pounder around the horn 10 count

Prayer requests:  Crab legs diagnosis, Neighbor in 12 Oaks in a coma after recent marathon