A solid turnout for the week necessitated a real brick buster of a workout.  Turning back the clocks left the air cold and the bricks even colder.

Warm Up:  Jog over to the side parking lot where everyone picked up 2 bricks that would accompany them through the workout.  Then circled up for the remainder of warmup with SSH x20 (without bricks), Windmill x20, Fazio Arm Circles x 10 forward x 10 backwards, and slow to fast cadence Mountain Climber x20.

Time for the real fun to begin.  Everyone lined up down the track facing the opposite side for called exercises across the field followed by jogging back around the track. With bricks in tow, the Pax bear crawled to the other side.  For the next round, a backward bear crawl was the call.  Things then got pretty tough with everyone doing a duck walk across the field while holding the bricks above their head.  The next round was a lunge walk with the bricks stretched out to the side.  Even with everyone’s legs ready to give out, the group pushed forward for another round by bunny hopping across the field with the bricks held together in front of them.  The final 3 rounds consisted of broad jump, backwards run, and forward sprint while still holding the bricks.  The Pax slowly jogged to the front of the school and split in to 2 groups.  Group 1 did 50 right/left step ups holding the bricks while group 2 held plank until group 1 was done.  After switching and doing the opposite group’s exercise, we circled up for Mary back where the bricks were first picked up.

Mary: Before parting ways with the bricks, we did 7 rounds of Jack Webbs (5 shoulder presses with bricks to every 1 merkin).  The next and last exercise for the morning was a 20 second 6 inch leg hold while clapping the bricks together in a butterfly motion.

COT:  Prayer requests for Banana Seat’s surgery and PSI’s wife.