The Forest Theater on the UNC campus was the venue in the Monday morning gloom as the PAX welcomed Stefan back to town and FNG Gordo.

* Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walker, Good Mornings, Windmills, Arm Circles, Jump Lunges, Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins, Mountain Climbers.

* Jog 1/4 mile to Forest Theater for three sets of 10x Merkins, CDD, Mountain Climbers and Dips.

* Climb the rock seating rows with Air Squats, and step-ups, one set leading with the right leg, another with the left leg.

* Reconvene on the sandy staging area for Burpees with a Parker Peter and SSH. Second round included two merkins, two PP, two SSH coming out; then three and on up to ten.

* Mary: Windshield wipers, Dead Bugs, 60 seconds partner-hold situps, LBC, WWII sit-ups, combo six-inch holds and long-slow flutters.

* Jog back to Fetzer with sprint across IM field to finish.


(posted on behalf of Shooter)