With 7 Tuesday workouts now in F3 Raleigh after this morning’s launch of Lourdes of Discipline and South Park in FV, YHC thought it appropriate timing to reinforce the mission of True Grit, which is to be “The Manliest Workout in F3 Raleigh.”  To stand out among the many workout options throughout the Triangle, extreme downpainment was in store for the lucky Pax of 11 who decided to post this morning.


Run to top field, circle up for:  Seal Jacks x19, Mtn Climber Merkins x19, Good Mornings x19.

Twisted Indian Run (Note:  I thought my 14 year old 2.0, Lax, had come up with something new here, but I was given notice that Fazio had actually done something similar at Late Night last Friday.  Guess those of us with a history of back problems think alike…)  Standard Indian Run from top field to first bridge and back, but last Pax knocks out 3 Star Jumps before sprinting to front.


4 Corners in the Big Field:

Corner 1:  Bear Crawl Suicides.  3 cones about 20 yards apart.  Bear Crawl to first, backwards Bear Crawl to start, Bear Crawl to 2nd cone, backwards run to start, Bear Crawl to 3rd cone, backward run to start.  Sprint to Corner 2 (about 100 yards)

Corner 2:  Ski Ab Burpees x 19.  That’s right, Ski Ab Burpees – just like it sounds, and they suck.  Run to Corner 3.

Corner 3:  Merkin Pyramid:  25, 20, 15, 10, 5.  Jog to Corner 4.

Corner 4:  Burpee Broad Jump Suicides.  Again, cones 20 yards apart.  Burpee broad jumps to 1st, backward run to start, burpee broad jumps to 2nd, backward run to start.  Slight audible called here and moved on with a jog to the bottom of Dam Hill.

Dam Hill Mini-Jacob’s Ladder:

Grab a rock and put at base of hill.  Jacob’s Ladder to 9, with 6 burpees at top, 3 rock squat press at bottom, to 3 burpees at top, 6 rock squat press at bottom.  Plank samplers while waiting for all Pax to complete.  For those of you who have not experienced the Dam Hill, I’ll just say it’s steep, very steep, and when wet like this morning it takes no prisoners.

Pull Up Bars:

Running out of time, a couple of Pax had to veer off at this point, but the remaining 9 ran back up Dam Hill and to the pull up bars.  2 lines, first Pax in line does 5 pull ups while remaining Pax do about 19 reps of the following exercises OYO:  180 Squat Jumps, Reverse LBCs, Makthar Ndiaye’s.


Past time now so had to knock out Mary in rapid fashion:  LBC’s x10, Hollow Rocks x10, American Hammers x10.


So why so many 19 reps?  It just so happens that today is YHC’s 19th wedding anniversary, and given my general lack of creativity, this is the best I could come up with.  Thank you men for allowing me to start my celebration in fashion at True Grit – strong work by all today.  Now I just need to go get a present for the M…

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