The Thang:

  • Disclaimer.  Brief explanation on law of assumption of risk.
  • Warm Up.  Jog up Mud Hill to Tennis Courts.  SSHs, Good Mornings, Windmills, Fenceline Leg Swings, Egg Beaters (alternate).
  • Quick Feet.  Jog to scene of cone thievery from moons ago.  Parking lot.  Identify synonym for parking space.  3 X (OYO stall shuffle; Line Hops left and right; 15 Mini-Eye-erkins; 15 Mini-Staggered Eye-erkins Left; 15 Mini-Staggered Eye-erkins Right).
  • Jacobite Pretenders.  Jacobs Ladder on Mayview to the general right of the back entrance to Jaycee.  Backwards up the Hill with Burpees at Top Trash Can (7,6,5….).
  • Stuck in the Mountains Heavy One Broken Leg.  2 X Petrinos Up Hill–partners switch as needed.
  • Pavillion.  Jog to the Not Quite Roanoke Pavillion.  Kermit the Frog Crunches on Table Top; Leg Raises Below the Horizon; 5 Pull Ups as a Reward for Good Work.
  • COT.


  • Good work from the boys at Zero Hour.  Can’t coach speed but you can train your feet to be quick-ish.  Honored to lead in absence of the Great Tarpinian, who was on station in Wake Forest helping the Floppy.
  • Warmed Heart to see not one but two collared shirts on station.  Rogers wore one of those old polos we all have that probably has bleach stains and/or paint on the tail.  Looked like a Dad about to tackle the gutters.  Myrtle wore some sort of button down get-up that looked like it might’ve had some Mariachi ruffles on front.  To avoid heat on the domestic front, Myrtle brought a second shirt to change into on the way home.  YHC confirmed later that Myrtle did in fact sport the Adidas standard issue on the way home and for the ensuing dog walk.  Long time readers will wonder if there’s code or metaphor in this bullet point. There’s not.  It’s about as literal as I can report.
  • The Stallion known as W.C. Maize rolls on the trot in from Blenheim Forest with 6 seconds to launch.  Many things impressive about our hero, not the least of which is he did it with a wrist-borne sundial before dawn.  Science Monthly is screaming for interviews.