YHC Q’d Juggernaut for the first time on Friday. It was also the first time I had ever been to the site… #wheelhouse… So I showed up 25 min early got a #oldmanmile in around the site , workout planned. The gloom was thick,  and as I ran back to where I parked my truck I heard loud music. I came to find a man stretching up against a tree. His car was still running, windows down, music blasting… I thought to myself… “Rock on”

There is something about F3 that allows you to be the character that you truly are deep down inside. Do I pull up to the bank every morning blasting Metallica…. No of course not. But your damn right in your assumption that I pull up to F3 in such fashion. There is something about F3 that allows you to connect with a another man without knowing anything about him but a simple nickname with a convoluted story on how it came to be. And so I met CLT PAX member Reverend Flo-Rida. I’m still not completely sure how he got the name but I am sure of these things… he is a #coolcat he is #stokedonlife and he is a pro at the art of #mumblechatter. I say all this to say… “F3’s the source man…”

The Thang:

Run to gloom filled field for Warm-up:

  • SSH x 25
  • Imperial walkers x 20
  • Good Mornings x 20
  • Merkins x 15
  • MTN climbers x 20

Run back to parking lot for Painting of the Lines:

#parking-lotimprovement  –

  1. Each PAX starts on a line
  2. Sprints to top of line and touches pavement
  3. Back pedals to beginning point
  4. Finish with a burpee, shuffle to next spot and repeato

Objective – Get to end of parking-lot without gassing out

We did two full rows…

Recovered on the run to the Alley between the Baseball field uno y dos:

Split PAX  into 2 groups (G1& G2) opposite outside of outfield fences

G1 calls the exercise for G2 and holds B2W until G2 finishes the exercise and sprint to opposite side to relieve G1 and Flapjack – As you can imagine the exercises naturally get worse and worse and the mumble chatter gets louder and louder… We did this for 20 min

Followed by some fixture usage:

  • G1 – 15 hanging dips on the bike racks
  • G2 – AMRAP push ups


  • G1 – 15 pullups on the monkey bars
  • G2 – AMRAP Derkins on park benches


  • G1- Bearcrawl to top of hill
  • G2- Plank Hold at bottom of hill


Indian Run through greenway into neighborhood:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 squats
  • 20 LBCs

Plank hold when finished

Indian Run back to gloom filled field for MARY:

  • LBCs x 30
  • Homer to Marge x 20
  • Reverse LBCs x 50
  • WW2 situps x 20
  • LPH 10 ct around the circle


Reverend Flo-Rida took us out with the prayer


2nd F – The Alley  – This Thursday 8/14




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  • Wow… johnny big with compliment. Me love him long time.
    It was a great beatdown. perfect timing on the indian run– doing that late make sme suck )2 and that’s how I get better.
    I did dig into your file, and found several requests to be referred to as “Jonathon Utah, and not Johnny. One of these requests came on letterhead from what looks like Lauch Faircloth, but I noticed Lauch is spelled “Lock”…

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