mettlesome [met-l-suh m] (adjective): Of great mettle; spirited; courageous

A 12-pack o’PAX thirsting to prove its mettle gathered in the ol’ neighborhood for a classic edition of Heavy Metal. The steely-eyed crew of metalheads got right to work in a yard full of familiar toys.


Side Shuffle Hop x 20 / Imperial Walkers x 20 / Good mornings x 20 / Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x 10 (reverse) /  Mountain Climbers x 20

The Thang:

Partner up for 8 pain stations encircling the park for timed 2-3 minute gear + excercise work at each. We rotated thru the circuit 1 1/2 times before time was called to circle up for Mary.

Station #1: Mama Junk flips x 3 / Flutter kicks

Station #2: Bench press w/partner spot AMRAP

Station #3: Bent curl bar tricep extensions / Bicep curls AMRAP

Station #4: Kettle Bell swings / Alternating Lunges w/cinder block AMRAP

Station #5: Scotty Bobs / one-armed Kettle Bell raises AMRAP

Station #6: Medicine Ball toss over backstop w/partner

Station #7: Zercher squats with sand pipe / Park bench derkins AMRAP

Station #8: Mulch Bag run (Landscaper’s Delight) -OR- Sand Bag run (El Jefe’s revenge) to the stop sign & back / Squats with cinder block


10 Burpees OYO / LBC’s x 25 / Russian Hammers x 25



Money Hose didn’t wear a collared shirt

Prayer concerns for the families of Picante, Hot Cakes, & Hush Puppy

The Mule is Saturday 10/25 @ 6:00am at Pullen Park (sign up doc is on the website)

Hard work was put in by all. YHC is always humbled & thankful to lead the PAX