It was a cool rainy Saturday and the PAX far outnumbered YHC expectations. 17 PAX took to the streets of North Raleigh for a long and wet (don’t get excited Utah) beat down….unfortunately YHC was not prepared and lead PAX on a longer than expected Indian run through town.

Couple of noteworthy items: 3 FNG’s, including a new F3 fairy princess, Ariel, fresh from a late night birthday celebration at Cinderella’s castle….2 visitors (1 from Columbia and 1 from Charlotte), and YHC who should have spent 2 minutes looking at a map pre-workout to find the location for which 3/4 of said workout was intended to take place…

That Thang:

Warm-up: SSH X25; IW X 25; Good morning X 20; Burpess (OYO) X 25; Chilcut – round the circle 15 count per person.

Indian run to Douglass elementary…..this exercise is much more difficult when YHC doesn’t know where to go….good one MacGruber….fortunately, much like MacGyver, MacGruber is excellent under pressure, and in ninjia like fashion he determined the appropriate audible. The Indian run covered about 1.5 miles with a set of merkins X 40 so PAX could re-group.

Over to the parking lot by Brueggers for some hill work:

#1 – Group 1 – backwards bear crawl up the hill, regular bear crawl down; Group 2 – merkins as many as possible – Flapjack

#2 – Group 1 – crabwalk up the hill, run down; Group 2 – star jumps as many as possible – Flapjack

#3 – Group 1 – bear crawl up the hill, run down; Group 2 – burpees as many as possible – Flapjack

Jog over to the WOB fountain – jump-up X 20 (OYO); derkins X 40; dips X 40; jump-up X 15 (OYO); derkins X 20; dips X 20; jump-up X 10 (OYO); derkins X 16; dips X 16.

Back to the hill…..partner up – wheel barrow up the hill and bear crawl down – Flapjack

Indian run back to Carroll to the track, stopping by the rock pile for a nice piece of mother earth…..

Rocking the track… rock curls X 40, lunge and press X 10 (each leg)….catch Cinderella if you can – 1 lap around the track…..rock curls X 40, lunge and press X 10 (each leg)….catch Cinderella if you can – 1 lap around the track

Mary: LBC X 30; WWII X 25; Burpess X 25

COT: sign-up for Second F bowling on 8/14; sign-up for the mud run; prayers for Orwell and family.

Tclaps to 3 FNG’s that showed up on a rainy Saturday – SourDough, Gomer, and Ariel (post birthday celebration) and our visitors from Columbia and Charlotte.