Many are called and few are chosen.  It was a morning full of electricity.  Double digits had HC’d, but only single digits reported for duty.  No problem, we know it’s not for everyone.  Probably not for you even…unless you were there, then it was especially for you.  Can’t tell you what we did, the wienke was lost in the storm and chaos that ensnarled the 8 pax hearty enough to post.  They might be able to tell you, but it’s best you come find out on your own.  Bring a bell, or if you need to borrow one, let someone know, we’re a charitable bunch.

A great ‘secret’ to success in any endeavor is to set a high bar – to hold that standard no matter what – and then to do everything you can to help your team clear the bar.  Welp, the bar is set on this one, it’s going to hit you hard every time, but your brothers are out there to help you clear it.

And, Ball Bearings is always waiting in the lineup to pummel you again as soon as you think you’ve come up for air.  It’s ManMaker Wednesday at Fletcher Field.  Come find out what it’s all about.



  • Prayers lifted up both spoken and un
  • MARCH 1 – 2 Year F3 Raleigh Anniversary – PULLEN @ 0700