With great historic events like what happened on Feb 20 how could things go wrong? Might help if the Q had actually seen the site. May have helped if the Q could count. Either way the pain was coming.

Today’s workout was based on 4 “HISTORIC EVENTS” 9 Pax made it for the 5:30 showing

The Thang:

Warm up: 18 Merkins, 17 Good mornings, 18 Air squats, 19 Wind Mills (to represent the first digits of the years of our events)

1878 Edison patented the phonograph so in honor of this we did 3 sets of
20 merkins, 6 pull ups for 78 total reps (get it 18 and 78)

1792 US postal service was created. So in honor of the meanderings of the postal service and how slow they can be we did walking lunges for 50 or so yards. When we got there we did more leg work with 30 air squats, then 20 dips, then 20 more air squats, then 22 step ups (17 and 92 I think you see the pattern)

1873 First formal medical school opened in California started. Since I learned in med school that only the heart, lungs and abdomen are important. Start with 30 LBCs with a quick 30 yard sprint, then 20 WWIIs with a quick 30 yard sprint, then 10 V ups with a quick 30 yard sprint, finally 13 heels to the heaven (since shooter wasn’t there)

1962 John Glenn is the first ‘Merican to orbit the planet. In honor of his flight we did 62 seconds of free fall (Superman with arms and legs flailing)

Since we all know phonographs skip and repeat themselves we repeated the 3 sets of 20 merkins 6 pull ups.

T-claps to Rodeo for bringing our first mascot and Riggs for Tebowing the whole walking lunges (except for the bit that he White-Shoe’d)