Dogs are great pets, especially when they get so excited about rain, lightning and thunder that they jump on your bed right before your alarm goes off..knocking out any final thoughts of winning an Olympic Gold Medal…sweet dreams… POOF…with dog breath in his face, YHC quickly checked the radar and saw nothing but orange and red…welcome to the Urban Rainforest…my perfectly planned beatdown session would require some audibles…it’s always fun to Q, especially when you have no idea who’s going to post during monsoon season…or what audibles you may do next…so to the 11 PAX who posted, I salute you for spitting in the face of a downpour and some cool special effects in the sky….but of course, posting on a AM like this anywhere else but BB doesn’t seem to please the knuckledraggers who so easily dismiss the UJ faithful…while YHC is not a professional, I do play one on TV and my script says playing with metal in a lightning storm is usually not a wise choice, but I digress…we posted anyway…and for the record, there were no PCMB discounts today…

The Thang:

WARMUP (in the downpour):  Fazio Arm Circles x20; Reverse Fazio x20 – enough of this, let’s run..brisk pace towards parking deck, left towards Mia Francesca, left down stairs under cover where we saw a cool waterfall…Circle up:  Seal Jacks x20 (that was for you Duff); Whacky Jacks x20 (just to see who would laugh); Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x5 – OYO; Vertical Mountain Climbers x20, Ski Down x20 (we climbed up the mountain, now we ski down the mountain – #legburner

Recover on the Jog – to the ramp

AUDIBLE 1 – Split into 2 groups for some ramp work

  • ROUND 1 – Group 1 – Sprint to the white 6’8 Maximum Clearance pole and back; Group 2 – LBC’s in cadence – FLAPJACK
  • ROUND 2 – Group 1 – same sprint; Group 2 – Mohammed Ali’s in cadence – FLAPJACK
  • ROUND 3 – Group 1 – same sprint; Group 2 – Low Plank Hold (15 count cadence) + Chilcutt (15 count cadence)
  • ROUND 4 – All PAX – 5 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees OYO; Sprint to 6’8 pole

AUDIBLE 2: – Let’s make use of this fine wall while we’re panting

  • People’s Chair w/alternating Leg raises (Right, Left, Right, Left) w/10 counts from different PAX.
  • Balls to the Wall + w/ 1 arm (Left, Right) + 10 counts from different PAX
  • Jog up ramp to REI and into the cool showers
  • Mountain climbers x20
  • Good Mornings x20 (w/ stretch hold and 10 counts at the end)
  • Windmills x20 (w/ stretch hold on left leg, then right leg and 10 counts for each)
  • Lunge Walk to Starbucks – some more fireworks in the sky – (while certainly the fireworks didn’t seem to be of too much concern, a good Q should always consider the safety of the PAX in mind, striking the right balance between pushing hard and being foolish) – Audible again
  • Jog past Ben & Jerry’s, down escalator to Level 2

AUDIBLE 3 – Individual and Group Work

  • ROUND 1 – All PAX – Lunge Walk 40 yrds, Sprint to Batman poster (40 yrds), Sprint back to start line
  • ROUND 2 – Split into Groups:  Group 1 – Sprint to Batman and back; Group 2 – Merkins OYO – FLAPJACK
  • ROUND 3 – Group 1 – Sprint to Batman; Group 2 – Plyometric Knee Tucks – FLAPJACK
  • Group 1 – Sprint to Batman; Group 2 – Something else that was tiring – FLAPJACK
  • All PAX – 10 Prison Cell Merkin Burpees
  • Recover on the jog back to the indoor waterfall for Mary


  • Sochi Hammer x20
  • WWII Situps x20


  •  Excellent work by the PAX today.  Thanks for enduring the audibles.
  • Announcements:  March 1 convergence – 2 yr F3 Raleigh anniversary, GORUCK info meeting Thursday 730pm, @ Players Retreat, Hopebuilder workout resuming – Tony Robbins is site Q and has a signup sheet for those that want to help.
  • BOM – Prayer by Gnobby?  YHC forgot…excellent prayer to close us out