Great work at Hi Fidelity by 10 PAX.  Because the “rest” was a recovery jog, we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time — just over 4.8 miles.

Warmup: 400m run, followed by KD leg kicks (15x), Imperial Walkers (15x), and Windmills (10x).

The Pyramid Thang:

We ran the below pyramid at T-pace with a 200m recovery jog after each set.  No rest for the weary.

200m — 2x

400m — 2x

600m — 2x

800m – 1x

600m – 1x (King David requested that we change things up a bit and run the opposite way around the track.  Done.)

400m – 1x

200m – 1x


March 1: Pullen Park convergence.  Be there and encourage others to come out who haven’t made it to a workout in a while (ahem… Twerk…Remote…).