What better way to celebrate 2 years of F3 Raleigh than 2 workouts, and beer. Come to the convergence at Pullen in the morning, and be part of a record setting crowd. Then do the exact same thing in the afternoon, but with a kilt, the Guinness Book of World Records, and a few Irish beers.

March 1st. Moore’s Square. Kilt Run at 2pm. 8k at 3pm. Yes. Yet another opportunity to double-down. Some of us are doing all 3. Convergence, Kilt Run, and 8k. But, as Chong would put it “That’s probably too hard for most of you guys. So you probably shouldn’t do it.”

Kilt Run is $5. 8k is $30 more. Costume kilts are $20. Or you can buy a couple of yards of tartan fabric for less than $10, wrap it around your waist and slap a belt around that thing.


Let me know if you’re in.