in celebration of the Battle at Bristol and playing an SEC team…I thought it made sense to warm up in white shirt, Hokie rep tie, shorts, belt and loafers….can a brother get a bourbon? Southern Frat Boy Style.   After the warm up real Hokie gear appeared…bike shirt etc.

19 Pax including FNG Pierogi answered the green flag to a 72 degree clear morning.  It was dark.  Smokey had his light.  smokey is a good dude.  Smokey is kicking butt.  Smokey is 55.

Warm Up

22 Merkins, 15 IW,  14 both ways Sir Fazio Arm Circles, 15 MC (Saban led), something else led by Saban.

Count off…19.  Divide into 2 groups….no 1-2 count.  Goose Grumbles.   Line up for a double Apple Sauce.   Indian run to the gates to the park.    Whoops too dark. One light.  Reverse path.


Head to the field. Sprinklers on to the side.  No biggie.

Line up.  1’s call excercise, 2’s do it, while 1’s run.   Flap Jack 3x.   Plank Jacks, Nipplers. Merkins, hell I have no idea what others were done.

Circle up.   5 regular burpees, 5 double merkin burbees, 5 double jump burpees, 5 double merkin, double jump Merkins. 5 jump lunge Merkins.   Line up for Indian run (double) back to the park.

Place 4 cones around the short track loop.    Divide into 2 groups,  run in opposite directions 5, 10, 15 and 20 Merkins at each cone.  Plank and wait.  Reverse directions.  5, 10, 15, 20 plank jacks.   This time all together with a called Mary excercise at each cone led by a different pax.   LBC,s Low Slow flutters, box cutters, and something else.  We did the Billy run up the the hills back to the parking lot.

Wrapped up with a 10 Merkin, 40 arm Jack Webb.


Fun morning.  Flip Flop brings another FNG.    Great stuff brother.

Prayers and Praise.

Saban took us out.