15 PAX plus YHC gathered (after a Grady led 15 min EC session) for a sweaty workout in the dark, humid confines of Baileywick Park.  Man, are we ready for some fall & ready for some better temps!  YHC celebrating his 1 year anniversary with F3-  what a great ride fellas!

After brief disclaimers (no FNGs), we started up, eager to get going!!

Warmup:  25 SSH, 20 IW, 15 Windmills, 15 Sir Fozio Arm Circles, forward and reverse, 20 Plankjacks,  Light jog to soccer fields.


Pyramid- format was exercise, run to first cone, exercise, run to second cone, etc

Merkins 10,15,20,15,10  Sumosquats 15,20,25,20,15 Burpees 3,6,9,6,3

Partner up- P1 spidermerkins while P2 bear crawl to first cone, then ran to other cones

then  P1 mountain climbers while P2 crab walk to first cone, then ran to other cones

Partner carries:  P1 carried P2 to to midway point then P2 carried P1 back

BTW P1 while P2 ran to far cone and back, then BTW P2 while P1 ran

Mosey back to parking lot

Chain link-  follow YHC everyone start in plank and wait 8 count before person in front of you starts

Paint the lines, 25 quick feet, 25 Carolina dry docs, 25 rock curls, 25 rock squat press, 15 diamond merkins, 25 Left Right stepups, 15 dips 10 pullups & People’s Chair until all finished.

Mary- LBCs, 6 inch leg holds & American Hammer

Announcements-  new workout, Detention (site Q Grady) now on Weds at 545 am, 9-11 stair climb

No prayer requests except thanksfulness to God (YHC took us out in prayer)