After months and months of smack talk between Heavy Metal and Dawn Patrol (a workout that took me over a year of F3 to attend), today was certainly Bizarro Thursday as I learned that none other than DP’s Johnny Utah would be Q’ing Heavy Metal while YHC (a HM regular) would be Q’ing DP….crazy indeed.  Despite Fungo’s urging that I ditch my Q responsibility late Wednesday night, I stayed committed as I had some pain to deliver to DP.  Having recently completed the Shaggy Challenge, today’s Q would be “The Best (worst) of the Shaggy Challenge” as I’d draw on some of my favs from the month and a half journey across Wake County as well as some things I’ve been wanting to try myself.

Warm-up:  To make the DP boys comfortable, I put on their weekly warm-up song….Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu, and we were ready.  SSH x 12, Sir Fazio x 8 each arm, and 1 legged merkins x 8 each leg.

The Thang:

1) Start at the bottom of the parking lot.  OYO – Sprint to the top for 5 diamond merkins, sprint back down for 5 wide grip, sprint back to top for 5 standard merkins, and back down for 5 standard merkins.

2) Around the side of the building to grab a rock a little bigger than you’re comfortable with.  Carry rock to back of building for:  peoples chair rock curls x 15; rock tricep extensions x 15 (not in peoples chair b/c that’s just not doable); peoples chair rock overhead press x 15.  Round 2 not in peoples chair: curls x 15, extensions x 10, overhead press while in air squat x 12.  I’ve been thinking for a while, why can’t we double dip these exercises b/c the arms are free.  I know Pullen has rocks near fences so watch out for this in the future Forge.

3) Still in back of building, partner up (as always Costco, size matters so how did I get you?).  P1s run with rocks across large grass field and up hill for 10 standard merkins and run back while P2s perform balls to wall walk down the wall left / right until runners return.  Once returned, flap jack.

4) Jog to playground area and find a spot on the wooden wall for derkins x 15.

5) Jog to pavilion for burpee box jumps on picnic benches x 12 OYO.

6) Jog back to playground and find a swing or wooden rail for pull-ups x 8 one way and then reverse hands x 7.

7) Jog to right field line on baseball field (unfortunately, this isn’t one of those 7-8 year-old league outfields so we’ll cover some ground here).  P1s and P2s in separate lines.  All Chilcutt (more on him later) plank with a little space between each person.  First person in line (guy on right field line) leap frogs all in line and then assumes plank down the line.  Next person leaps, etc.  Continue leaping until all have leaped twice which was approximately half way across the field (audible called as it was originally going to be the full length).  Continue exercise but instead of leaping, last person in line bear crawls to the front and assumes plank, next person bear crawls, etc.  Continue to left field fence. Plank while waiting for everyone to finish.

8) Sprint back to right field line.  Peoples chair while everyone finishes.

9) Partner carry from right field line to left field fence.  Flap jack and carry back to right field line.  Peoples chair while everyone finishes.

10) Next rotation is get from right field line to left field fence via wheelbarrow and bear crawl switching partner, partner, bear crawl on YHC’s call.  Peoples chair while everyone finishes.  Audibles again as this was going to be 2 lengths.

11) Jog back towards the infield crossing 2nd base and heading for home.  One more time around the bases (I really don’t know how to run the bases fast b/c I was always in my HR trot) and then head to the parking lot for Mary.

Mary:  LBC x 15; Boat to Canoe x 10 or so; box cutter x 10; finish with 5 std merkins, 5 sarkozy position merkins and 5 putin position merkins.

COT: Still time to register for Mud Run Oct 4, Mule Oct 25 -> sign-up on website on google doc under Raleigh Announcements.  Orwell told of Raleigh Rescue Mission workout the previous day and how great Cujo’s Q was.  Cujo is a resident at RRM who was fantastic and inspired all.  One thing I forgot to mention during COT that I read in about 20 back blasts while trying to remember the Shaggy Tour and plan this workout is that nearly everyone refers to Chilcutt planks as chill cut….damn it, get it right!  Respect this Tar Heel legend!  haha.

Prayers and closing prayer by Orwell.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q gentlemen.