The Shovel Flag was planted (Grease Monkey was on time!!!) and 9 PAX gathered ’round to admire the new installations of Cary’s latest tax funded outdoor art extravaganza. And then we proceeded to sweat all over said installations, BO style.

Warm up: SSHx26, SFAC x 10 each.

Jog to first rusted hunk of metal work of art. Star Jumps x 10 (OYO), butterfly merkins x 10, with a low plank hold of 10 count to start. Staggered x 5 each, with a low stagger hold at the bottom of each for 10.

Our compliments to the artist as we run to the next installation, which is a holdover reminder we all need tetanus boosters work from the previous waste of money exhibit. It is a rusted metal horse. We do squat holds around the circle and move on.

At the next location, the imagination of the child artist took the form of a metal canoe standing upright. In honor of the masterpiece, we did 10 Denali inspired boat/canoe moves.

One to the art free grass field for an early Six Minutes of Mary, led by Saban.

It was Saban’s inaugural Q, and perhaps YHC should have mentioned before hand to Saban that he would be sharing Q duties, but he did rather well. YHC was so impressed with Saban’s Dredd perfect cadence calls, that YHC did not get the counts.

LBC, Russian Hammers, Reverse LBC, Rosalitas, Freddy Mercury.

Following was name your own exercise. Our Raleigh guest Friar Tuck, who was in awe of the scenery encouraged us to do 8 point man makers x 5, followed by Surcharge forcing burpees. Ceelo had us doing Homer to Marge.

To the steps of the Mecca of waste Arts Center. Pax relays, running a bit and back while the PAX performs dips, inclines, dips, declines, french dips, inclines, dips, merkins, more dips.

Plankarama led by Banjo, who also was unaware that he would be performing his inaugural Q. Good work, didn’t get the numbers.

Chilcut count around, high plank count around repeat.

Do a little running before some squat hold jumps (yes…my favorite). x 5

Run back to home base with some lunge walks and butt kickers mixed in. Get to home base and do a suicide run, followed by an extended bear crawl.


COT – mud run sign up is live online. It is not a commitment, but if you sign up and don’t attend, Whiteshoe will rightfully ridicule you.

Second F in Cary will be in two weeks at Fortnight Brewery.

Prayers for MSaban and her job interview today.