Training in the Rain!

It was a “Erie” start in the gloom this post Halloween morning.  8 PAX show up and brave the cold and rain for today’s Erie/Nickelback co-Q  session. Fortunately Mother Nature gave us a bit of a break and the rain let up a bit, but we got into it, we warmed up and sweating in no time. Much props to those that did the ruck prior!

The Thang!

Erie Q

Started off with a brief jog from the tables along to track and back to the tables, still moving alternating between high knees and butt kicks for a couple minutes.

In cadence:

10 – Good mornings

10 – Windmills

10 – Half windmills

Mosey on to the parking lot curve. Starting on the first line, we do high knees for 3 lines, the back pedal for 3 lines, then quick feet to end of curve, the karaoke along the curve to the other side then repeat. Plank and wait for remaining PAX at the start. And Repeat the sequence.

In cadence:

10 – Good mornings

10 – Windmills

10 – Half windmills

Back to start on first line. Long jumps, into half burpee into 1 ski-ab on each side, then into 2 mountain climbers on each side then repeat all the way to curve of the parking lot. Plank and wait, then repeat back to starting point.

PAX partner up into 4 sections.

Section 1:  Both partners push up together and slap hand when the both rise.

Section2:  Partner 1 low planks while partner 2 bunny hops over partner 1. Optional:  Partner 2 hops in between partner 1’s legs instead of 1 hop over partner.

Section 3:  Partner 1 wheelbarrel’s partner 2.  As partner 1 squats, partner 2 is doing an Irkin.

Section 4: Partner 1 squats and hold arms out in front while Partner 2 Mike Tysons in and out of partner 1’s arms.

Each section is done for roughly 30 seconds, while YIC yells out “switch” meaning partners change positions or “rotate” to go to next section. Also random exercises are called out in between rotations.

Move on to a kick session. Each kick lasting 30 seconds:

  1. Alternating Front Kicks
  2. Low switch kick
  3. Double low switch kick
  4. High switch kick

Finish up with a quick couple of stretches and I pass the torch on the Nickelback!

Nickelback Q

Everyone grabbed a rock to match their ego

Rugby Core/Arm Warmups

  • Scrum jumps (starting position plank/feet replaces hands/squat position with palms up- 3 sets)
  • Curls with ego friendly rock (3 sets)

Rugby Handling Drill

  • 1/2 Pax Run down the parking lot with passing rugby ball down the line and return
  • 1/2 Pax 25 mericans
  • flapjack

Rugby Legs/Chest Exercises (20 sets)

  • Straight line pass the rugby ball down the line 5 burpies after passing
  • Long jump
  • Straight line pass the rugby ball down the line 5 mericans after passing
  • Long jump

Always a pleasure working out with this group. Co Qs Erie and Nickelback proud to have able to lead this fine group of men.

“Pain is just weakness leaving the body”.


Coach D reminded everyone church still happens on Sundays