It was a dark and brisk morning when YHC and a PAX of 9 met in the gloom of the Crick. One chose the Red Pill and the others were faithful.

The Thang:

Warm up jog to the court. Then;

40 SSH

25 1/2 time Good Mornings

30 Merkins

25 Imperial Walkers

20 Sir Fazio Arm Circles (10 each way)

100 Yard Dashes:

Phase I + 100 Merkins:

PAX paired up (and one threesome)

One ran the 100 yard dash and back while the other started completing their 100 Merkins

Tag in and switch

Trade off running the dash until 100 Merkins were history.

Phase II + 100 Goblet Squats:

100 Dash plus 100 Goblet Squats:

Run the dash while the other squats

Trade for a 100 count

Phase III + 100 LBC’s

Repeat and stir

Your ROCK is Your Friend:

The PAX found their favorite rock old ranging in size from heavy to “I should have picked a different rock”.

40 rock curls

40 bent rows

40 overhead press

People’s Chair for a 20 count from each PAX (3 minutes)

40 rock curls

40 bent rows

40 overhead press

Balls to the Wall for a 10 count form each of the PAX

Recover on the run up and down the steps.

The Bear:

Bear Crawl to the end of 6 planters

Karaoke back

Gorilla Hop the same

Karaoke back


20 LBC’s

30 American Hammers


The maiden voyage is over and the rocks and all were lighter for their effort. Looking forward to the next.