EC credit to Nemo, Pikachu, 187, Deadbolt and Mookie (who is killing it this week)

A few days early but having stepped up as a site Q for Disney, and knowing there is a bigger meaning to the Memorial Day Murph, Nemo celebrated his 1 year.  We all had our reservations when we were asked to give F3 a try and I wanted to share some of mine.  F3 has had a big impact for me, and I can’t say it enough but every man who has posted even just once with me this past year, if you think you have never had a positive impact on someone, well, you have.

We started with the traditional w/u jog around the fields and circled up for some SSH, Morocan Night Clubs, Goofballs, Mt Climbers and some leg stretches.

We headed out on the field and lined up for a sprint to midfield where we partnered up after a plank hold for a 15 count patty cake merkin, finish sprint to far end.  We recovered on the SSHx30. Repeated to cross back.

Headed back to parking lot where we lined up for a bear crawl marathon.  We kept going around the lot until the lead man caught the trailer.  Rest, modify, whatever it takes but keep on moving.  The PAX responded with a strong push until Pikachu made the contact with Nemo.  Guys were gassed after this like Lebron in Game 5.

We took a recovery jog around the fields and then we found our spot on the wall at the playground.  It was a packed house and worked through a set of Tempo dips ICx10, 10 count plank hold, shoulder taps ICx10, 10 count plank hold, nipplers ICx10, 10 count plank hold.  Other than dips we were in plank the whole time.  Recover on the slow 10 count and repeat for total of 3x.

Lined up for BTTW 10/15 count alternating with squat star jumps.

Circled up for MARY and it was heavy plank-o-rama time.  Things got so rough that the 12 Oaks crew actually couldn’t take any more so they up and left.  It was a really strong MARY with some guys calling out for seldom used exercises – it’s always great when we can change things up a bit.

Countoff was 22 #HIM


Announcements – new AO tomorrow, Murph, Old School Q week next week.  F3 BBQ Picnic coming up soon

Prayer Requests – lots of guys dealing with some nagging injuries so let’s lift them up and also let’s each be aware of how we are stretching, warming up, keeping our sneakers up to date, etc.  The F3 workouts are great but with just 45 mins they can’t be the only thing each of us does – be smart about how you do the 1st F. We have some brothers also working through some things, spoken and unspoken, so be aware and offer support.  Spoken prayers also for our F3 brothers in Rock Hill for the loss of Badger

Nemo shared his F3 story with big thanks to Deadbolt, and took us out in prayer.

Thanks to all for posting today, and every other day – for keeping us all accountable and helping us work towards the F3 mission.