Definitely a shock when I pulled into PT this morning! 26 pax in attendance for a solid beat down inspired by the Army.
5:30 hit and we took a lap before circling up for warmups
It was definitely an awesome experience during warmups as I called out the exercises and the cadence for each, while 25 pax counted out the reps

Warmups are done – head to the tennis courts
2 minutes timed max merkins
1 minute rest
2 minutes timed max sit-ups
Moment of rest as I described the next event
Run from action park to falcon park – going up past the police station and left on academy – any cadence you like (fast runners will act as a scout run and always come back to pick up the six!)

We all made it to falcon for a dip hold followed by 10 irkens, 10 derkins, and 10 dips

Back the way you came for another mile plus to action park, scout run as able and pick up the six

Back just in time for COT(I have video proof of name o rama lol), announcements, and a great lesson on leadership and core values by Natty Ice. Deadbolt closed us out

Great job to all, thank you for letting me lead you, it is truly an honor!