PAX of 14 including 2 FNGs (Welcome Welch’s and 2×2) showed up at Thunder to indulge me in some F3 style Beach Volleyball.

Warmup: Mosey’d to the sand court, SSHx15, IWx10 and hB x10, stretched and went right to it.

We split the group of 14 in to two teams. The rules were simple, if a ball hit out of bounds, we did some 10 Merkins, if a ball hit the net, we did some 5 Burpees, if the ball dropped on the court, some 10 squats. After a while, each server called the next penalty exercise. Hell, I think we did every exercise in the book by the end of the night and still played some amazing(ly)…bad volleyball.

Hopefully you guys had fun as I would love to play again.