Following a crushing 5 days (and 6 for 2 PAX!) of F3Chapel Hill #HellWeek, it was back to the gloom for the Fetzer PAX.   Where is everybody?!  FS’ing?  Late summer vacations?  Still hungover from Sunday night drinking in support of Team USA?!!  Whatever the reason, the core 11 PAX who posted at #Fetzer got better, stronger and just a little sweaty.

The Warmup
SSH (IC X20), Willy Mays Hayes (IC x10), Merkins (IC x10), Good Mornings (IC X10).
1st lap around the track at a warmup pace. SSH to recover.  2nd lap of the track was said to have a penalty of 50 burpees (OYO) for the last man to finish.  (YHC admits this was a tiny lie to encourage the PAX to push it harder.  Thus, when all 11 PAX finished, we grabbbed 5 burpees OYO and were off to The Thang).

The Thang
Travel  up the Fetzer stairs through the iron gates towards Carmichael Area. (Wait… only 11 PAX at #Fetzer?!!) One of the few resources #Fetzer doesn’t have is access to pullup bars for more than 15 guys without it becoming a huge cluster.  11 PAX is managable.  So 10 pullups apeice were prescribed and we carried on towards campus.

Wilson Library.  So historic.  Majetic even.  Voted one of the most beautiful libraries in the world (it’s true!).  Yes, all nice things… but we only wanted it for its stairs.   Assume the crawl bear position on the bottom step (that is, head facing downward.  Feet pointed towards the top).   Crawl bear to the top while pressing out one merkin (derkin actually) at each step (unofficial step count: 25).  Jog down & plank until all PAX complete.
Box jumps (x25) over the stone wall.  Recover & repeato the Wilson Crawl Bear/Derkin climb.

Once all PAX completed, we traveled west towards the Old Well.  As the sun was beginning to creep through the muggy darkness, it just seemed right for a few merkins.  Or a pyramid of them.   100 merkins and we were done.

Our return path along the #CarolinaTour took us through The Pit and towards the stairs.  It seemed a perfect place for a Jacob’s Ladder, so with time counting down a quick ladder to 7 included burpees at the top & BWS at the bottom.  Time still ticking… so let’s move.

The iron gates of Fetzer again were calling our name on the return and each PAX grabbed 5 more pullups on their way through.

Name-o-Rama and COT
Well wishes to Chachi (baby girl) & Shanks (twins!) for their recent arrival and family additions.
Good luck to My Little Pony and Dreamcatcher whose M’s are due any day.  Congrats in advance fellas.