13 pax drug themselves out of the fartsack to start their weeks the right way.  6 pax got a head start with some extra credit pullups.

VSF firmly planted in the virtual ground, usual disclaimers…

Warm up:
Good mornings

Yog to the Law School…
Box jumps
Maybe some more derkins, can’t remember

Mosey to some camel statue, mumblechatter about where it came from and if the statue of the guy looking at it looked like Assisi…
Air squats
Jump lunges

Jog to the Pit of Despair…Te’o takes the helm…
Derkins down the stairs, 5 each step
Irkins up the stairs, 5 each step, bear crawl between
Bear crawl, then crab walk, then bear crawl race up the hill and run around to the start.  One of these had some burpees at the top too.  Crowd pleasers for sure…
Walking lunges

Mosey to the parking deck for some sprints up the deck and merkins.  Several pax nearly decapitated by poorly placed water valves.  Safety reports were filed.  Investigator Floyd dispatched to the scene…

Mosey back for some Mary, which included only Russian hammers


– Welcome Spinal Tap!  Only gets better from here, brother, great to have you out!
– Prayers for new babies, etc.