Workout named in dedication of the newest 2.0 of our F3 family.  Chachi and family welcomed Abigail Marie to the world on Tuesday, 08/02/16.  What better way to celebrate her arrival than to name the next HoP workout in her honor!


After a warm up lap PAX circles up and completes the following:

Arm Circles – Forward/Back x20, Good Morning x10, Over-head claps x20, Windmill X10, Merkins x10

Next, run to the muscle pallet to grab some steel.  Each PAX picks up their own rail-road tie (aka baby) and heads to the starting line.  Each PAX will be carrying their respective baby carefully!  Using the first parking lot, we head to the first corner where we complete 30 overhead presses.  Unfortunately, one of the PAX was not careful with their baby (Floyd) and proceeded to drop it on the ground.  Of course there are penalties.  After a baby eats we have to burp it, right!  So,10 railroad burpees to everyone!  Run to the next corner and complete curls x30.  Third corner – tricep extension x30.  Fourth corner – bent over row X30.

Now to the center of the parking lot.  PAX line up on island.  Because baby Abigail will most assuredly love stuffed bears, we complete complete a bear crawl/crawl bear/merkin ladder.  PAX bear crawl to next island (10-15 yards), 10 merkins, crawl bear back, 9 merkins……..continue until finished.

Pick up your baby and head to the next parking lot.  First corner – over head press x 25, next corner – curl x25, third corner – tricep extension x25, fourth corner – bent over row x25.  Throughout our second parking lot travels, one of the PAX, who shall remain nameless (Riggs) had a baby who had eaten way to much and needed a lot of burping (he dropped it alot).  PAX completed 20 railroad burpees and the father of the hungry baby was punished accordingly (made to carry 3 railroad ties).

After the babies had eaten, it was time for a nap.  No baby can sleep without a lullaby.  So PAX completed a Sally session of Dips while the babies slept!  It proved effective and punishing as no one made it all the way through.

Mary – 50 LBCs – no time left

COT – welcome FNG – Porterhouse!  Prayers go out to the Chachi family.  Glad everyone is healthy.  Welcome to the world Abigail Marie!