With Peak Week knee deep in alligators at work Thursday night the call was made for someone to step up and Q Cletus.  YHC heard the call and accepted the challenge.  As per usual there was a full lot when YHC pulled in.  Several PAX completed their EC and the disclaimer was given for the FNG in attendance and the PAX of 21 were off…

The Thang

Warm Up- Run around the park over to the side lot- 30x SSH, 15x IWs, 15x HBs, 10x Merkins. 30x SFACs.

Split into 2 groups- One Group does the loop in the parking lot while the other group does Lunges, flap jack, we did this 3 times with Squats and Balls to the Wall on the other two trips.

Bear Crawl Indian Run

Head over to the lot near the baseball fields grab a rock- 30 Curls, 20 Tricep Extensions-  2 more Sets of 20 & 15.

Lap around the baseball Fields and back up to the Shelter for Mary

Mary- Protractor on the tables with legs hanging off.  Reverse LBCsx 30, Box Cuttersx 30.

COT- Launch of new Saturday workout at Falcon park in Fuquay this Saturday at 6:30.  Prayers for Bernie, NM’s friend Mike Allison, Banana Seat and others.  Cotters to Boots & Pants.  Welcome FNG Stephane LeBlanc aka Maple Leaf.  He’s from Montreal so Maple Leaf is totally inappropriate.  Great work men!!  Always a pleasure to Q.