With the first official Thicket workout already under our belts, we’ve started to get the hang off this. There were 8 members of the PAX, including 3 FNGs, this morning as YHC shook off the Hell Week hangover and embraced a gloom that seemed darker, but as humid as ever.

Warm Up
Q’ed by Boyardee
Air Squats

The Thang
Started with a parking lot lap to complete the warm up. In a reversal of the norm, we went with pull-ups first. (Speaking of which, how do pull-ups/chin-ups not have F3 names?!) Two sets of pull-ups on the bars, and two sets on the rings. Then the wheel of merkin on the curb and jog down to the soccer field.

Four Corners: Sprint long side, jog short side, exercise at every corner. Memory of it all is foggy, but YHC recalls step lunges, jump squats, WWIIs, LBCs, merkins, rocky balboas, burpees, peter parkers, and low plank holds, among other fun choices, as well as very wet grass.

Street Climb: Walking lunge, bear crawl, traveling burpees, plank, reverse curb plank hold and dips, and more bear crawl.

Logged one report of narrowly averted merlot spillage. Overheard mumblechatter about hamstrings during the sprints.

Russian Hammer

Welcome FNGs: The Count, EPO and No’ Money. Great job for first official posting.

Shout out to Yanni, who completed the Lake Logan Half-Tri over the weekend.

In case you hadn’t heard, the BRR is looking for one more.

That’s two posts of The Thicket in the books. Aye!