A good morning with 11 Pax ready for a good workout.  We started the stretch and warm up early, for there was work to be done.  Good job to all this morning, it was a battle.

Start with the circle and take through world’s greatest stretch along some various static holds. 20xSSH to get blood moving.

The Thang: 

YHC spent the weekend building 10 bags ready for this morning.  Fun bags:  45 lbs. of crushed rock wrapped in heavy plastic, cloth and duct tape along with a fresh F3 sticker to let everyone know who reps these things.  Since there were 11 of us and thanks to Singlewide the 75 lbs. “Tube Steak” was in the trunk.  YHC grabbed the monster and proceeded to lead the Pax over to Sisyphus. (sp?)  We knew it was coming so we got to it. Everyone down the hill.

At bottom: 20 prisoner squats with bags.  Jack Webbs.  20 American Hammer with bags.

Time to go back up – Getty took the Tube Steak and battled with it the rest of the morning, manned up.  At the top was a quick lot workout.  sprint to the end, bear crawl over, sprint back, bear crawl to start. Grab bags for more work, V-ups, skull crushers, LBC, boat/canoe.

Back down the hill…stuff at the bottom…back up.  Sucked on the way down, Sucked at the bottom, Sucked on the way up.  Simple and effective.  At top we did the parking lot work x 2, Hi-Life took them through plank progressions and then headed back to the starting gate.  Time was up.  Gassed, but not beaten.

COT: Call out for Healing Place and Haven House – make an impact. Thanks Deliverance and Dingo. 9/11 stair climb – bring out FNG’s for this event.  This is what F3 is made of.

Prayers for Costco.  YHC offered a message to connect with each other: friends and strangers.  Be a positive force and reject the negative energy.  All heads nodded with understanding.  Proud to lead a strong and enlightened group of men.

Getty with the prayer out…