If you are having a hard time shaking off the sleep when you get to F3 at 5:40 AM, find an attending PAX dressed in tight purple shorts wearing a form fitting teal color shirt and I promise you the sight of this will WAKE YOU UP!

33 PAX attended Urban Jungle at North Hills on Wednesday, June 18, 2014, ready for the beat down that has come to be known as Urban Jungle.  The UJ Regulars were honored to have some of our Ball Bearing buddies attend….do return and bring your pastels back with you!

Let’s Get Started

Run to parking lot beside The Renaissance – bear crawl up incline, then crab-walk up rest of the hill

Run down stairs to bottom level of parking deck and run up both ramps, first backwards then karaoke

Warm-up exercises in parking lot:

Side-shuffle hop (20x)

Imperial Walkers (15x)

Mountain-Climbers (15x)

Sir Fazio Arm Circles (12x, reverse 12x)

Run across Six Forks and into Bruegger’s parking lot:

Partner-carry across parking lot to hill, flap-jack and wheel-barrow to top of hill

Jog back to start and do burpees (10x)


Run to fountain at World of Beer:

Dips (20x)

Incline-merkins (20x)

Run to rock pile behind hotel:

Curls – Lats – Tris (10x)

Jack Webbs (WITH ROCKS) – 10/1

Run to and climb stairs (7 flights) onto roof-deck of CapStone building:

Muhammed Alis (15x) – sprint to wall and back

LBC’s (15x) – sprint to wall and back

Spider-Man merkins (10x) – sprint to wall and back

Descend stairs, cross Six Forks and arrive at McCallister’s Deli fountain:

Dips (20x)

People’s Chair


Long Slow Flutter (20x)

Freddie Mercury’s (20x)

American Hammers (15x)

Circle of Trust – parting prayer by Orwell @ ball of men