Under the command of Cornholio, a PAX of 12 attacked the workout that is Ethanol and prevailed victorious (as always)!!

Warm up:

SSHx20, Good morningsx20, Mountain Climbersx20, SirFazio Arm Circlesx20, Imperial Walkersx20

Indian run down Valley Lake Dr to Rangecrest Rd. We proceeded to crush Raleigh’s only Mountain Range! Sprint to the top, 30 merkins, 30 lbc’s and back down. Repeato w/20, 10, 5 reps

Plank it out, plan walk, Nippler x20, Indian run back to Williams park.

Tennis courts, bear crawl suicides.

Jog around the greenway path to the big field. By this time we were warmed up so we crushed some 8 point man-makers x15 as well as Naktar Ji x15

Mary: long, slow, flutter kicks, ski abs, oblique crunches, American hammer