YHC awakened to a new age number. YHC brought it to The Forge. The PAX stared us both down. No one flinched. Let’s do this.

Jog to the grassy amphitheatre for…

SSH x 43

Good mornings x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Merkins x 15

Mountain Climbers x 15

Air squats x 20

Jog past the carousel & ascend Robert Plant. Lunge walk to the pavilion. Gather in the road & divide into three groups for…

GWB’s…brought to you by our 43rd president, George W. Bush

Group 1: G(roup) Prisoner Squats x 20

Group 2: W(WII) Sit Ups x 20

Group 3: B(urpees) x 15

Each group bear crawls between stations for a full rotation through the exercises.

Recover on the jog over to the tennis courts for…

SUICIDE RACES…brought to you by #43 Richard Petty, The King

Split into two groups. Pick a card (4 or 3) to determine each group’s suicide line total.

Group 1: 3-line suicide sprints / Group 2: BTTW

Group 2: 4-line suicide sprints / Group 1: BTTW

Group 1: 3-line suicide sprints / Group 2: People’s Chair

Group 2: 4-line suicide sprints / Group 1: People’s Chair

Group 1: 3-line suicide karaoke / Group 2: BTTW (flapjack)

Enough of that. Shimmy over to the rock pile for…

GIMME DA ROCK: brought to you by #43 Brad Daugherty (Wuffie mumblechatter ensues)

Curls x 20 / Shoulder Presses x 20 / Tricep Extensions x 20

Bent Row x 20 / Woodchopper left x 10 / Woodchopper right x 10

Curls x 10 / Shoulder Presses x 10 / Tricep Extensions x 10

Drop rocks & jog down to the lakeside steps for…

Quick Feet x 25 / Incline Merkins x 15 (repeato)

Jog back to the start for one minute of Mary:

Ukranian Hammers x 43


The Mule 10/25: be there

Fall USMC Mud Run signup deadline is 7/15

Prayer requests: family of F3 brother Ringworm. F3 brother Dufresne, New Mexico’s wife’s cousin, & a close friend of Artois

Mister Rogers took us out in prayer

It is an honor & a privilege to lead. It challenges me & affords me strength I never knew I had. I will continue to dig deeper, push harder, & run faster alongside you. Thanks for your collective inspiration.