Today was a good day. We were able to celebrate a World Cup victory for the US. We were able to celebrate the life of one of our F3 brothers, even though we mourn his loss. Might I digress on this for a moment. I met Ringworm once at a workout and he seemed like a standup guy, as are all who join us in the gloom. My wife and brother-in-law grew up with him and knew him well. I know his parents from church, and they are the absolute salt of the Earth. Ringworm left this life working at a Summer camp he loved, and donated ALL of his earnings. I spent some time on the road this morning with time to think, and my mind kept running with thoughts of why. Why do I care about a person I met once? Why was I so emotionally moved when thoughts of his parents and siblings ran through my mind? Why would a loving God take one in his flock so early? This last question is almost unanswerable, so I won’t try. The first two questions I can only explain by saying, I am third. I am grateful to be who I am, have the people I have, and to have met Simon(even if it was only once). With that said, 18 PAX worked it out hard in the humid half-light of another great True Grit morning. This is what transpired:

‘Merican x 10
Windmill x 20
Imperial Walker x 20

The Thang:
Mosey up the sidewalk to the top of the dam. Mosey across the dam, stopping halfway for 10 burpees OYO. Jog down the path by the soccer field and through the fence to the bottom of the dam.

Partner up for dam hill circuits. Staying with your partner, run up the hill, do 10 burpees at the top, jog down the path, through the fence to the bottom of the dam, and do 25 ‘Mericans. Repeat 4 times.


Mosey to the soccer field and circle up for US victory celebration, called 2 to 1s, in honor of the score of the Ghana match. We did twice as many of one exercise in cadence as we did of another OYO.

Flutter x 20/Star jump x 10
Precision squat x 20/Star jump x 10
‘Merican Hammer x 20/Star jump x 10
Peter Parker x 20/Star jump x 10

Line up along the path for crawl/sprints to the trees, a good 60 yards by Vila’s estimation.

Bear crawl half, sprint half. Repeato back to the path.
Squat hold
Crab walk half, sprint half. Repeato back to the path.
Bear crawl half, sprint back.
Monkey Humpers x 20 OYO
Sprint full length & back
Sprint full length & back

LBC x 25
‘Merican Hammer x 25
LBC x 25
‘Merican Hammer x 25

Strong work today fellas. Everyone did a great job and pushed hard. Not a lot going on from the PAX with announcements. We tried to drum up some Q business for the coming Summer months and Orwell did a fine job as usual taking us out.