Summer has arrived and along with it the heat and humidity. YHC showed up to a group of PAX looking for a beat down… Little did they know that YHC had a 40 lbs ruck waiting for some poor sole. Surveying the group and taking pitty on those in attendance, YHC decided, maybe next time the sack pain will breakout… Until then!

The Thang:

Mosey around to corner and to the field.


Good Morningsx15



Carolina Drydocksx10

Mountain Climbersx10

Mosey to the parking lot

10 spaces sprint down, side shuffle across, back pedal, Merkinsx5

5 spaces sprint down, side shuffle across, back pedal, Burpeesx5

Mosey to play ground

Cindy – 5xpull-ups, 10xmerkins, 15xair squats

Repeat 3 rounds

Mosey to field

Cone drill

Bear crawl to first cone, sprint to second, back pedal home, repeato

Crab walk to first cone, sprint to second, karaoke home, repeato

Mosey to The Service Court

Spiderman up, box jumpsx10, repeato

Balls to wall 30 count hold, people’s chair 90 seconds x 3

Dip relay to 100 – one partner on the loop, second partner on the wall, total dip count 100 to finish


LBC’s x10

WWII x 10


Russian Hammersx20


PAX escaped the ruck, but it is lurking. ┬áSolid return by Oflex and The Plug. ┬áThese guys seem to have what it takes. We all still chuckle whenever we call Nutter’s name. Good to have Coach D back in The Crick, it just seems right.


Prayers for neighborhood friend Mike who fell at work and is hurt badly.  Recovery looks to be a long road for a friend of many of the PAX.

The Situation took us out.

That is all.